Entry DDC Foods

Entry DDC Foods

DDC Foods

DDC Foods goal is to improve communication, reduce administration and become more aligned on products, prices, promotions, orders, and shipments. They invite their suppliers to connect with them through Cerve to help manage and improve procurement efficiencies.

About us

DDC Foods Ltd, founded by Chris Christofi (MD) in 1996, was established to introduce a unique range of snacks and soft drinks that stood apart from mainstream brands. Our focus was on providing innovative, healthier, and thrilling alternatives. We have always welcomed fresh ideas and concepts, partnering with entrepreneurs who resonate with our vision of revolutionizing the snacking and beverage landscape.

Throughout the years, our unwavering commitment has been to support these pioneering ideas, aiding businesses in showcasing and distributing their exceptional products. Our ethos remains unchanged, staying true to our foundational vision.

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Data usage

Once connected, the following data will be shared with DDC Foods.


Products that are relevant to DDC Foods.


Current prices.


Receive orders from DDC Foods.


Order and shipment updates.


This app is private and requires application.