Martin & Servera Suppliers

Martin & Servera Suppliers

Martin & Servera

Experience enhanced communication, streamlined administration, and improved alignment on products, prices, promotions, orders, and shipments by connecting with Martin & Servera.

Martin & Servera is renowned as Sweden’s leading wholesaler and supplier to restaurants, catering to both the private and public sectors. They offer seamless delivery to countless customers across Sweden daily.

Martin & Servera assists restaurant professionals in discovering the ideal products for their establishments, everything from quality meats, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, essential groceries, beverages, cutting-edge equipment, or disposable items.


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Data usage

Once connected, Martin & Servera will be able to access the following data sets:


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Martin & Servera Supplier Membership

In order to sell on Martin & Servera, suppliers need to create a verified account with Martin & Servera.


This app is private and requires application.